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TPCA's Heartfelt Adventures: Spreading Cheer Beyond Our Walls

'Tis the season for joy, and Turning Point Christian Academy (TPCA) didn't hold back! Join us for a quick recap of our recent outreach escapades, where we took the holiday spirit beyond our school walls.

Jingle Bell Jubilee

When TPCA steps into the room, you know it's going to be a party! The Friends Place Adult Daycare got a taste of our festive fervor, complete with singing, dancing, and a sprinkle of holiday magic. Kudos to Marylynne, the genius behind Friends Place, for letting us crash the celebration with love, gifts, and infectious smiles.

Merry Moments

Rolling up in our joy-filled vans, TPCA set out on a mission to Red Oak – destination: the home of the fabulous Mother Kathryn Froess. With gifts, carols, and the Lord's Supper in tow, we turned her place into a festive wonderland. The joy was palpable as Mother Kathryn welcomed the TPCA and Agape crew with open arms.

The joy ride didn't stop! TPCA, joined by Agape Outreach Ministry, landed at Brother Lawrence Bloomfield's doorstep. Gifts, carols, and laughter filled the air as we created a memorable and joyful experience for everyone involved. Brother Lawrence even joined in on the caroling action – talk about spreading holiday cheer!

A huge "Thank You" to the rockstar TPCA parents and Agape superheroes who made these adventures possible. Your generosity made a real impact, turning these outings into heartwarming tales of love and community.

As we bid adieu to 2023, let's carry forward the spirit of joy, laughter, and generous acts of kindness into the new year. Here's to more adventures, more smiles, and more love in 2024!

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