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Legacy in Motion: Launching the Dr. Ocie Jean Barnes Scholarship Fund

Updated: Jan 24

Turning Point Christian Academy, where education is not just a journey but a life-altering experience, proudly introduces the Dr. Ocie Jean Barnes Scholarship Fund in honor of the indelible mark left by Dr. Barnes, affectionately known as Sis. Jean, this scholarship fund is our commitment to empowering the next generation and ensuring her legacy lives on.

At TPCA, we believe in the symbiotic relationship between home and school, shaping students not only academically but also spiritually, intellectually, and morally. The Dr. Ocie Jean Barnes Scholarship Fund reflects our dedication to providing a holistic education that goes beyond mere academic excellence.

Sis. Jean's impact on Turning Point spans over 15 years, where her dedication, tireless efforts, and selfless contributions became the heartbeat of our academy. The scholarship fund is our way of carrying forward her legacy of love and excellence, ensuring that future generations benefit from the values she held dear.

Stepping into the Future: 5k Walk-A-Fund Event

To launch the Dr. Ocie Jean Barnes Scholarship Fund, we invite our cherished community to join us in the inaugural 5k Walk-A-Fund event. More than just a walk, it's a step towards a brighter future for our students. Every stride and every pledge made during this event will directly impact a student's academic journey.

Our Turning Point community joined in full force at the 5k Walk-A-Fund event, celebrating Sis. Jean's remarkable legacy. It was more than a walk; it was a celebration of hope and an affirmation that her impact will continue shining brightly for years to come.

As we unveil the Dr. Ocie Jean Barnes Scholarship Fund, we extend heartfelt gratitude to all who joined us – attendees, board members, sponsors, donors, students, families, and friends of Sis. Jean. Together, we ensure that the legacy of a life well-lived and a crown well-earned continues to inspire and uplift generations at Turning Point Christian Academy.

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