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Honoring the Legacy of Dr. Jean Barnes at Turning Point Christian Academy

On July 29, 2023, Turning Point Christian Academy hosted a heartwarming event to commemorate the life and legacy of our esteemed TPCA board member, Dr. Jean Barnes. The "Dr. Jean Barnes Reflective Brunch" brought together her family, close friends, and the TPCA community to reflect on the profound impact she had on our lives.

A Faithful Servant Remembered

Dr. Jean Barnes, a dedicated member of TPCA's Board of Directors for over 15 years, was more than just a board member – she was a faithful servant. Her unwavering belief in the Vision and Goals of Turning Point truly set her apart. The Reflective Brunch was a time to celebrate her selfless contributions and the indelible mark she left on our institution.

Dr. Jean's commitment went beyond meetings and discussions; she invested her time and treasures into Turning Point. Whether it was attending events, supporting initiatives, or contributing financially, her dedication was felt throughout the academy. The Reflective Brunch allowed us to express our eternal gratitude for her generous efforts.

Carrying On the Legacy

As we gathered to remember Dr. Jean, the sentiment was clear – her legacy of service must endure. Inspired by her example, we made heartfelt commitments during the Reflective Brunch to continue the work she started. Dr. Jean's impact extended far beyond the boardroom; it touched the lives of students and their families. Now, it's our turn to carry on her torch of compassion, dedication, and service to others.

Dr. Jean's influence wasn't confined to the boardroom; it resonated in classrooms, hallways, and community initiatives. The commitments made at the Reflective Brunch go beyond mere pledges – they are a promise to infuse every aspect of TPCA with the same passion and care that Dr. Jean brought to her role.

Just as a pebble creates ripples when dropped into a pond, Dr. Jean's acts of kindness and service created a ripple effect that touched countless lives. Our commitment to carrying on her legacy is not just about perpetuating a tradition; it's about fostering a ripple effect of goodness that spreads far beyond the academy's walls and positively impacts the wider community.

The "Dr. Jean Barnes Reflective Brunch" was more than a memorial – it was a rallying cry for continued service and a celebration of a life well-lived. Dr. Jean's influence lives on in the hearts of those she touched, and as we move forward, we do so with the determination to honor her memory through our actions, both big and small. In carrying on her legacy, we ensure that the spirit of selfless service remains an integral part of Turning Point Christian Academy for years to come.

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