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TCPA is a Bible governed Homeschool Co-op servicing grades K-4 thru 12, that seeks to teach DISCIPLINE,VALUES, 

BELIEFS, and PRINCIPLES that are consistent with the Word of God. Since these principles are taught first in the home, the vision of Turning Point is largely contingent upon parents educating their children, and our teachers and staff members assisting them in this process. Because of these principals of reflecting school and home, we are limited in capacity. This is how we create the most intentional learning environment. Here at TPCA, we don't just invest in our students academically, we invest in them for life.

Turning Point Christian Academy

Turning Point Christian Academy

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It Was Just an Idea...

Parenting didn’t always come easily for Felton and Brenda Benton, but after almost four decades of successfully rearing his 4 children and 7 grandchildren, Pastor, as he is referred to by the members of Agape Fellowship Christian Center, has learned a thing or two about raising children. After seeing a decline in public education after his last daughter graduated in 2001, he felt the Lord stirring in his heart to do something about the problem.


Turning Point began with one student, Gavin, who, after being raised in the ways of the Lord for the first 5 years of his life, arrived at his first day at public school with great anticipation. His teacher asked him what he was excited about learning in the upcoming year. Gavin anxiously replied, “I’m excited to learn about Jesus!” The teacher looked at him, attempting to mask fishing for a reply. She finally answered, “Well, I can’t teach you about‘that,’ but I will be teaching you about math and science and many other interesting things-aren’t you excited about that?” If you know Gavin, you can imagine his disappointment. He didn’t spend too much time in that classroom. Chemille, the eldest of Pastor’s daughters, soon left her job (and retirement) to teach one student-Gavin…just Gavin.


This is the Heart of Turning Point.


And so begins the story of TPCA. From one student to seven, Duncanville to Fort Worth to Wilmer, and finally our home here in DeSoto (the Benton’s home since 1984), TPCA has been through many changes, refining our skills and sharpening our tools along the way. Now, formally fixed in education since 2002, the staff at TPCA, under the leadership of Chemille Benton, Turning Point has become a safe haven where children are discipled, taught and led by Christian leaders who are passionate about understanding how to apply the Bible-governed method of rearing and educating children.


What is our proof that this “Bible-governed” way of raising children works? All 4 of Pastor’s daughters, two of which are married with children, are degreed professionals who faithfully continue to serve in ministry: DeAnna, graduate of UT Southwest Medical School and owner of LifeCare Prosthetics and Orthotics, Mekeisha, recent Masters in Education degree recipient and administrator for Turning Point Christian Academy, Feleceia, dual degree recipient from TCU and owner of Elisia Magazine and the Zoe Communications Agency, and the leader of the pack and educational veteran, Chemille, Director of Education and Administration for the academy…also known as the “Big Sister.”


TPCA is family owned and operated, and every student, parent and staff member is invited to join our family as we work together to help not only your child, but also your family.


Our heart is to partner with you to ensure that your child is not only raised in the ways of the Lord, but that each member of your family unit feels nurtured, taught, and impacted for the Kingdom of God.


Welcome to the family.


Felton Benton // Pastor, Founder

Pastor Felton Benton is the senior pastor at Agape Fellowship Christian Center and the visionary for Turning Point Christian Academy. He has been in ministry for over 40 years.

Brenda Benton //  Co-Founder

Sis. Brenda Benton is a founding board member of Turning Point Christian Academy. She has been involved in youth ministry for over 40 years. 

Chemille Benton //  Director of Operations

Chemille Benton is the Founding Director of Turning Point and has served in numerous capacities since its inception.

Mekeisha Steele // Director of Education

Mekeisha Steele has served in the public and private sectors of education since 1998. She holds a Masters in Education Administration from Concordia University.  

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